Hype for burgers in Burgerz

Burgerz Scheveningen

Burgerz Scheveningen

All the hipsters in town are now eating burgers. Simple roll with meat and some veggies but something far from “Quarter pounder” or “Big Mac”. This is probably why all over cities you will see more or less fancy restaurants focused on this  type of food.

There are several ones in The Hague but the one in which I had my burger experience is called Burgerz and it offers quite  a wide selection. Located in The Hague’s yacht harbour makes it a good idea for the evening close to the sea. After the delicious meal it might be a good idea to stroll down to the Scheveningen to burn all the calories ;). Restaurant is just a few minutes walk away from the main Scheveningen’s Boulevard.

Burgerz Scheveningen

From the outside it does not look very exciting but inside it gives a feeling of a cosy, American styled restaurant. Brown, warm colours mixed with wooden pieces make place very inviting. Spacious, heated terrace with the view at the harbour makes it a perfect spot to dine outside in the rays of the setting sun.

The Hague Yacht Harbour

To be honest at the beginning service was not very good as waiting for almost half an hour until somebody took our order is a bit long. The restaurant was not very busy just seemed like a waitress found cheat-chatting with her friends a bit more important than doing her job. Luckily she disappeared after a while and we were waited on by a very friendly and attentive waiter. After our order was taken we did not have to wait too long for our delicious burgers to arrive.

Italian Job at Burgerz Scheveningen

The menu for burgers is quite varied and rich. Different types of meats and sides reassure that everybody should be able to find something delicious, even vegetarians and vegans. And if you are on a diet you can easily chose for a whole-wheat roll or replace your bread with a salad. As a default your burger is served with delicious Belgium style fries but you can easily skip it or request any other yummy replacement like fries with garlic or parmesan cheese or a sweet potatoes fries from the oven.

Smoked Up BBQ at Burgerz Scheveningen

I have chosen “Italian Job” burger and my friend chose a “Smoked up BBQ”. We decided for a whole wheat roll and my fries were plain when my friend’s fries were served under the thick layer of parmesan and herbs. The meat was delicious and tender. Perfectly baked medium lamb burger covered with roasted Italian ham topped with a truffle mayonnaise sauce was really great.

Italian Job at Burgerz Scheveningen Italian Job
Smoked Up BBQ at Burgerz ScheveningenSmoked up BBQ

Price range is medium. For a dinner for two people with some drinks you need to think about €50.

Overall, despite unsatisfactory beginning experience with a lousy waitress I would definitely recommend this place. Food was delicious, overall experience was very pleasant and the place is very cosy and welcoming. If you want more info about this place please check it under the link here.

Terace Burgerz Scheveningen

Did you visit that place already? Be sure to share your experience below. Or do you maybe have any other favourite burger or American style restaurant in The Hague or in the area? Maybe you can mention it below so I could try it during one of my next evenings in the town.

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