Why I love autumn…



Every season of the year has its special qualities which I love. I am lucky to live in a place where there are clearly specified four seasons. I do not have a favourite season as I love them all. Today I wanted to tell you why I love autumn.

Indian Summer

Beginning of Indian Summer comes somewhere in beginning of September. Days are still nicely warm but it is not that hot any more.

Autumn Fruits

Apples, plums, figs, pears, and many more. At this time of the year those fruits are the most delicious. You can also go and pick those fruits yourself. Just check where in your neighbourhood you can do it, pack your wellies and off you go.


Long Evenings

After long days of work there is nothing cosier than rolling up on a sofa under the blankie with a cup of tea in my hands. Sometimes when it is a bit chilly I snuggle with my doggies and grab a great book or switch on a nice film.


New Series Seasons

Beginning of the new TV series. Following next seasons of my favourite series is like getting back together with old friends. Discovering of new amazing film stories brings new friends to my computer screen.

Autumn Colours

I look forward to colourful leaves gently falling on the ground. Foggy mornings with the sun slowly breaking through. Spiders and their spider-webs covered with morning dew.


Stews and soups

With the beginning of autumn comes also a period for pumpkin, carrot or courgette soups. It is also time to dig out this grandma recipes for a stew with mashed potatoes and red cabbage.



And all that warm cloths in general. Boots, hats, ponchos and those long comfy scarves. No need to put my cellulite out there to the public any more.

It is closer to Christmas

I love all the Christmas celebration: Christmas Tree, family time, cities beautifully decorated, searching for presents.

Winter is coming

And most of all, after autumn winter is coming with first frosts and snow…

And what do you love about autumn? Do not forget to share.

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