Luxembourg – little country in the heart of Europe



Recently I was visiting my mother in Prüm, German town which is very close to border with Belgium and Luxembourg. Her birthday was coming up so we have decided to take her somewhere for lunch. Since Prüm has very limited options I started to think about another nice place for a short visit. I have been to Belgium several times but never really in Luxembourg. I have been passing bye few times but never actually visited Luxembourg City. I did a small research and it appeared the drive from Prüm was just a bit longer than an hour and the weather forecast predicted beautiful sunny day, so I packed my camera, charged batteries and went on a trip.square2




Luxembourg is mostly known from its cheap petrol, low taxes and bank industry but it is also a nice touristic city. Several historical monuments, a castle on a hill and many cosy cafés all in walking distance should make it a perfect place for a short city trips. It is easy to reach by car, plane or train and they have very good infrastructure of parking places and public transport.






Unfortunately we had very limited time so we were only able to eat late lunch and walk for a bit around the historic centre. We chose to use Trip Advisor application to find lunch place as it has almost never disappointed us. Unfortunately this time all the cafés were full so we ended up in the one which looked pretty cosy, in “Le lion qui fume”. Downstairs there were lots of people but it appeared that upstairs there was another room which was almost completely empty, almost like a hidden gem. Menu consisted mostly of burgers, pizzas and pastas but we all felt like burger since they all looked pretty appealing. I must say that I have never eaten salmon burger in my life, and for sure I have never eaten such a delicious burger. The fish was just perfectly made and the combinations of tastes… I am drooling when thinking about it, luckily this place is too far away to make it a regular lunch destination 😉LeLionQuiFume1








The weather was beautiful, so we walked a bit just to take at least few pictures. We started at the Place Guillaume II with a statue of Grand Duke William II. Next we walked towards the square with the Monument of Remembrance, which is known as the Gella Fra (which means Golden Lady in Luxembourgian) because of the figure of a golden lady on a top of the monument. From the square there is a beautiful view at the castle, amazing gardens and impressive rail bridge. Just a few steps away there is also a cathedral where we ended up our little stroll. Unfortunately the sun started slowly setting and our time was ticking away.




Luxembourg City seems like very pleasant city, with many beautiful squares and cosy cafés. It is very clean and well maintained. Good infrastructure, acceptable prices and friendly people along with historic heritage make it for sure a worth visit place. Next time when you will be in a neighbourhood try to drop by, not only for a cheap petrol but as a tourist. I know that I will for sure go back to give this place a time it deserves.CastleGarden1


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