Cheer up – my favourite comedy series #1

Cheer up - my favourite comedy series #1

I love series! I could easily say I am an addict. If I discover a new one which interests me I can spend days, nights and weekends watching episode after episode. Unfortunately sometimes I have to go to work, otherwise I would spend my life in front of the screen. I wanted to share with you what interests me the most. I hope in this articles all people will be able to find something interesting for themselves as I never focus on one type. I love scary, funny, thrillers, drama, crime, etc. After watching another episode of one of my favourite funny one I thought I will start with comedies.



I think this is where my adventure with television series started. Adventures of Rachel, Monika, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross stole my heart already when I was back in Poland. My English was not that good back than and I had to watch it with a polish lector placing voice over but despite it and bad translations sometimes I was still able to enjoy it. Later on when I moved to the Netherlands and my language improved I was able to understand all the jokes and since than I could watch it over and over again. Even though at some point I could repeat almost every scene before it even happened I could still laugh at their jokes. Each episode of the series ten seasons brings heart-warming histories of lives of six friends in their early twenties. They leave in New York and are trying to find their way in personal life and career path. If you have not heard about this series yet, it is about time to pick it up. When you are in a bad mood, or just feel like something easy on the long evening or rainy Sunday afternoon it is a perfect series, at least for me.

Modern Family

Modern family

It is a mockumentary which follows life of Jay Pritchett and his family. Jay is not a particularly handsome middle aged head of a family who has much younger wife Gloria. She is a hot looking Colombian with a teenage son Manny. And she is constantly trying to speak good English but since it is not her native language sometimes it leads to funny situations. Manny drinks lots of coffee, loves high culture and has an attitude. And his mother tries her best to reassure he knows his Colombian heritage. Gloria and Jay have also a baby son. Gloria is a second wife of Jay, and from his first marriage he has two grown up kids who have their own families. There is Claire who always has to be a perfectionist with her child-acting husband. Claire and Phil have three kids which are all as different as black and white. There is also a gay son of Jay with his “pink” hubby and adopted Vietnamese daughter Lily. Lily also has an attitude, but I would not expect any other being brought up by a gay couple with an attitude. Although if you watch the series, there is no person without an attitude in there. And I would say that instead of trying to make a sense out of what I have written above just start watching. If you can bare sarcastic, crazy family you will sure be hooked from the first episode.

Little Britain

Little Britain

A lot has been said about British humour. That it is dark, overly sarcastic, weird and most of all that nobody except Britons understands it. But what they have shown in Little Britain is a masterpiece of a British comedy. Politically incorrect in almost every minute, making fun of almost all the aspects which are sensitive to the modern society. They make fun of people from all walks of life: gays, priests, gay priests, handicapped, obsessed, elderly, people who live in small village societies just to name a few. For some it might be even too much, but I found it really entertaining. If you think you can understand British humour and you can handle a lot of politically incorrect funny situations be sure to reserve few evenings to watch this series. But don’t say I did not warn you.

Allo Allo

Allo Allo

Think of a small café in a little French town during World War II. Place there a middle aged unattractive owner with two horny waitresses, all the Nazis in the area and members of a local opposition sneaking through the back door and you have a recipe for a perfect comedy series. Everybody seems to be conspiring with everybody in order to find the best way to live through the war. There is also a hundred years old grandma in the bed in the attic room. The room plays also important role for the opposition as under grandma’s bed there is a radio to contact with England. Grandma’s bed plays another important role as it is often used as a hiding place for the members of the opposition. There is also a French policeman who tries to speak English and two English parachutes who are disguised as onion sellers. Between all of this there is also a gay solder who is in love with the owner of the café whom the solder wants to impress with his little tank. All those people are trying to survive the war while trying to lead more or less normal life with its ups and downs. There are tons of funny situation and it is really one of the funniest if not the funniest series about such a horrible thing as war.

The Bing Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Bunch of geeks with almost no social skills and a socially fluent beautiful blond girl who lives across the hall. Guys each have their own flaws but also they have fulfilling careers in a field of science. Girl is a beginning actress with not too successful career and she needs to work as a waitress in order to support herself. Combination of those two worlds leads to a series of funny, sarcastic and almost unrealistic situations.

You are the worst


There is a girl and a guy. Both with no luck in love. Both thinking they are not ready for a relationship. So they decide not to be together but just casually become friends with benefits. It is brilliant, witty and extremely funny series treating about a relationship which is officially not a relationship. At first glance it might look like just another one about the couples’ problems but here you can see how two people who are supposable are not being made for each other actually become one which perfectly fulfils the other one. And all that dirty jokes about sex, and easy attitude to sleeping around definitely makes it extra enjoyable.

The above list is for sure not exhaustive. There are many more which I enjoy watching I just wanted to introduce you to a few that made an impression on me and to which I tend to come back. What are your favourite comedy series? I am always looking for a new ones and I will be grateful for every proposition.


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