I am so fed up with side salads…

Carrot with green peas2

…and in a winter I tend to eat more cooked and baked vegetables. And recently I really felt like a carrot with green peas. The recipe is so easy and even though it is not the healthiest way to eat veggies you can use some good ingredients and every now and then it will be ok. When I was little my mom used to make this dish and my whole family just loved it. I think it is also kids friendly as it is quite sweet and tasty.

Carrot with green peas4

I used

  • ½ kilo of organic carrots
  • 250g of frozen green peas
  • 1 teaspoon of organic butter
  • 2 hipped tablespoons of wholemeal flower
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste

Cut the carrots in small cubes. I am trying to have the cubes size 0.5×0.5cm but if you want it to be bigger or smaller feel free to do so. You do not also have to be precise and have cubes, if they are little rectangles or other shapes it is also fine.

Carrot diced

Put the carrot in a cooking pan and pour water over it so it covers all the carrot. Make sure not to have too much water as than the final dish might be too watery. On the other hand if this is what you prefer, I am not going to stop you.

Carrot with water

Add salt to it to taste and bring to boiling. Ones it starts boiling cook it for approximately 5 to 7 minutes – depending on your preference if you like your carrots more solid or mushier.

Carrot with green peas8

After carrot is cooked add green peas. I have used frozen one but if you happen to have a fresh one it is even better. Perfect substitute will make also a green peas from a tin or a jar. Just be sure to get rid of the water before you mix it with your carrot.

Carrot with green peas7

Bring it up to boiling again and add a teaspoon of butter and pepper to taste. Mix it all well and wait until butter has melted.

Carrot with green peas6

Lower your heat and add two tablespoons of flower and start mixing it until flower is well mixed with all the liquid in the pan. Switch off your heat and voila. Carrot with green peas is ready. Enjoy!

Carrot with green peas5

Did you ever hear or tasted this dish before? Are there any other ways you eat cooked or baked veggies? I would love to hear about it.

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