Super hacker returns with new author – The girl in the spider’s web by David Lagercrantz


I read Millenium saga by Stieg Larsson few years ago. Despite the fact that books were quite thick I really enjoyed reading them. I was not able to put down “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. It was amazing: full of great action, unpredictable turns of situation and really well build personalities of the main characters. Second part was a little bit less exciting but the third one was again on the top of the game. When I started to look for more books of Mr Larsson sadly I learnt that he passed away and I could not count on more.


This summer while browsing through new published books on one of my favourite e-library I have learnt that family of Stieg Larrson commissioned writing continuation of the story of Lisbeth, Mikael and Milennium magazine to another author. I was full of doubts when I started reading it but beginning of the book was really intriguing and absorbing. This fell really well into a tradition of the books written by Larsson; right from the start kick off the story with a lot of adrenaline and a plot which slowly starts thickening.

I must admit I was surprised how much I have learnt about autism. When I was reading previous parts I kind of knew that Lisbeth was autistic. She was absolutely brilliant in the way she was hacking the computers and was around electronics at the same time she lacked emotional intelligence. In the previous parts it was easy to blame her family for the way she was but only after reading this new book some of the pieces started creating a whole. In the book big part of a story is focused on a teenage boy who is autistic and despite the fact that no one really understands him well Lisbeth finds a way to communicate with this boy. Maybe because even though they were completely different – deep in their souls they felt that they are more alike than different.

Even though this booked helped me understanding Lisbeth better regarding autistic behaviour I feel like there was not enough mentioned about what made this series so nice: to Lisbeth, Mikael and the relation between these two. There was Lisbeth, there was Mikael but there was no really Lisbeth and Mikael. There was too little attention paid to them, to their personalities and that is what I was missing. I guess only Larsson could really feel those characters. I have a feeling if it would be a separate book it would be good, but because it was a part of a series, I missed deeper analysis of those two main persons in the book.

There was some action in the book but it was not really well thought and well portrayed. I had a feeling that at the moment when author was starting to get deeper in the scene, it was abruptly cut.

To summarize I liked the book but not necessary as a part of a series. Some things should not be picked up and they should be left where in peace. Larsson created great characters and great stories and I believe that Lagercantz has a great potential to create perfect characters and stories as well, just maybe he should not try to develop somebody else’s idea. It does not mean I will not pick up the next part if it ever gets written. Actually I already look forward to finding out what happens next with Lisbeth and Mikael.

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