Jojo Moyes on assisted suicide in “Me before you”


Will is a rich boy living his life to the fullest and enjoying each and every moment of it. Until the road accident which leaves him quadriplegic… Read more

Super hacker returns with new author – The girl in the spider’s web by David Lagercrantz


I read Millenium saga by Stieg Larsson few years ago. Despite the fact that books were quite thick I really enjoyed reading them. I was not able to put down “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. It was amazing: full of great action, unpredictable turns of situation and really well build personalities of the main characters. Second part was a little bit less exciting but the third one was again on the top of the game. When I started to look for more books of Mr Larsson sadly I learnt that he passed away and I could not count on more. Read more…