Luxembourg – little country in the heart of Europe


Recently I was visiting my mother in Prüm, German town which is very close to border with Belgium and Luxembourg. Her birthday was coming up so we have decided to take her somewhere for lunch. Since Prüm has very limited options I started to think about another nice place for a short visit. I have been to Belgium several times but never really in Luxembourg. I have been passing bye few times but never actually visited Luxembourg City. I did a small research and it appeared the drive from Prüm was just a bit longer than an hour and the weather forecast predicted beautiful sunny day, so I packed my camera, charged batteries and went on a trip. Read more…

Because apples and pears are not born in supermarket

Apples In Tree

I was growing up in a small village in a south-west part of Poland. Over there everybody has their own garden with plenty of various fruit trees in there. Since I was little I knew how fruits and vegetables end up on our table. To my surprise when I cam to the Netherlands one of my new friends thought strawberries are being grown on trees. Soon enough I also discovered that not everybody knows where apples and pears come from on their way to the supermarket shelf. Read more…

Hiking Gear


Do you really need a special gear if you are about to start hiking? Of course not. Hiking can be done in your comfortable shoes, well seating trousers and breathable t-shirt. If it is a bit chillier you can just throw a warm jumper on and you are all ready to go. This is basically how I have started but more and more I was getting into this sport I started observing and reading what other people are wearing and how it improves the quality of hiking. Read more…



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