I am so fed up with side dishes…

Carrot with green peas2

…and in a winter I tend to eat more cooked and baked vegetables. And recently I really felt like a carrot with green peas. The recipe is so easy and even though it is not the healthiest way to eat veggies you can use some good ingredients and every now and then it will be ok. When I was little my mom used to make this dish and my whole family just loved it. I think it is also kids friendly as it is quite sweet and tasty. Read more..


Because apples and pears are not born in supermarket

Apples In Tree

I was growing up in a small village in a south-west part of Poland. Over there everybody has their own garden with plenty of various fruit trees in there. Since I was little I knew how fruits and vegetables end up on our table. To my surprise when I cam to the Netherlands one of my new friends thought strawberries are being grown on trees. Soon enough I also discovered that not everybody knows where apples and pears come from on their way to the supermarket shelf. Read more…


Hype for burgers in Burgerz

Burgerz Scheveningen

All the hipsters in town are now eating burgers. Simple roll with meat and some veggies but something far from “Quarter pounder” or “Big Mac”. This is probably why all over cities you will see more or less fancy restaurants focused on this type of food. Read more…